” The rainbow flavor was weird bc it had root beer but everything else is super yummy. Big Var’s got the city on lock ” – Naomi J. ( Virginia , Va )

” I’ll keep this review short & sweet. This is a little place that serves water ice, pretzels, and gelati. I’ve come here a handful of times in the last few days and haven’t encountered any issues. They have over 20 different water ice flavors and they even offer two that are sugar free (0.50 cents more than the regular flavors) . The first time I came, I got the $3 water ice and it was too much for one sitting. Next time I got the $1 cup instead and honestly it was the perfect amount. They’re not stingy with their portions! It shares a parking lot so just be careful when you’re coming and going. ” –  Kenisha E. ( Collegeville , PA )

” Small non-descript location at the corner of Edgmont Avenue & 22nd Street (Turns into MacDade Blvd.) which serves water ice, gelati and pretzels.  They have many flavors to choose from and their prices can’t be beat. ” Josie M. ( Philadelphia , PA )


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